Fee Schedule


Share Account Fees 

Share Excessive
Withdrawal fee:
$5.00 per withdrawal if more than four(4)
withdrawals per calendar month


Share Draft/ checking Account Fees

Overdraft Transfer fee $2.00 per day
NSF Fee $25.00
Draft Stop Payment fee $15.00 per request
Check Printing fee Prices may vary
depending upon style
Service charge $7.50 per month,
if the minimum balance
Photo copy (two(2)free) fee: $3.00 per item,
of a paid item.
Account Reconciliation fee $20.00 per hour.


Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

ACH Overdraft Transfer fee $2.00
ACH Return fee $20.00
ACH Stop Payment fee $15.00


The rates and fees appearing in this schedule are accurate and effective for accounts as of the Last Dividend Declaration Date indicated on this Rate and Fee Schedule. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.


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