The Base Share Savings Account is the account that you must have for membership in Houston Musicians Federal Union. Contribute through payroll deduction, direct deposit, (ďif you donít see it, you donít miss itĒ) or by making cash, check or other deposits. Your savings (shares) will earn interest on an average daily balance. The more you save the faster your money accumulates.

Have you stopped to compare what your checking account costs? Our
checking accounts have low or no fees, and with a low $300 balance
you can earn interest. We offer ATM cards with FREE points of sale
transactions (cash back at the grocery store). Plus we offer direct
deposit and debit cards (UISA).

Your credit union offers several types of certificates that pay rates of
interest comparable to those paid by other financial institutions.

  • Term Investment: one (1) year.
  • Dividends are paid monthly by check, deposited to your
    savings account or added to existing certificate.
  • A substantial penalty will be imposed for early withdrawals on all

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA):

Compare your current individual retirement account with ours!
Did you know you can roll-over an existing account from another institution?
If you havenít started an IRA yet you can begin your first account with us.  There are no transaction or service fees.

The two programs are:

Type I: Share IRA
Minimum Investment $25

Type II: IRA Certificates
Minimum Investment $1,000

Dividends are paid monthly. Click here for current rates.

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