ACH Direct Deposits and Originations:
The Automated Clearing House (ACH) System of the Federal Reserve allows
you to have your Social Security check or a designated portion from your
payroll check deposited directly to your credit union account. We can also draft
your bank account (bank originations) for deposits, loan payments, and/or
MasterCard payments.

CUNA Mutual:
An insurance company “Committed to You” because they are owned by
credit union members, the policy holders. CUNA Mutual offers many types
of insurance to credit union members, including term and whole life insurance,
mortgage insurance, accidental death & dismemberment protection, and
supplemental health and hospitalization coverage. CUNA Mutual also
offers a full line of auto coverage to meet the needs of our credit union

Credit Bureau Reporting: :
We report to the Credit Bureau monthly to build credit for the future of our

Telecheck :
To protect against losses, your credit union is a member of Telecheck.

Wire Transfers:
Money can be transferred between the credit union and any financial
institution for a minimal fee.

Features from Tax Reduction Act:

  • Penalty-free IRA withdrawals for educational
     expenses or to purchase a first-time home for you,
     your spouse, your children or grandchildren.
  • New Roth IRA – nondeductible IRA which allows
      tax-free withdrawals.

  • An increase in deductibility limits.

  • Excess withdrawal taxes repealed.


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